De Buyer 12" - 30cm Mineral B Element Crepe Pan

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Authentic Sabatier Classic Forged knives are for many cooks, are the knives of choice. Sabatier 18/10 stainless steel blade will not rust compared to carbon steel blade that rust after use if not properly dried. Steel rivets hold the tough, high density handles firmly to the blades. Sabatier are completely handmade, each of these SABATIER knives are fully forged for maximum strength and durability. Sabatier unique to these knives is the handle-forming process by which they are pressure moulded around the tang and binding posts. This process is superior to ordinary rivets because there are absolutely no cracks, seams or openings like those found on other knives. Sabatierorducts are made in Thiers, France with a lifetime warranty.

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