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Miyabi Knives

Miyabi knives exemplify the tradition and craftsmanship of Japanese sword makers coupled with the excellence of German engineering. MIYABI knives embody the beauty of sharpness and follow in the tradition of the famous Japanese swords. MIYABI authentic Japanese blade design and extraordinary sharpness of MIYABI knives will captivate you from the first encounter. Connoisseurs of demanding Japanese cuisine are impressed again and again by the balanced weight distribution of the knives and their comfortable handle. MIYABI Japanese knives differ from European knives by the shape and material of the blade. The extremely sharp blade profile allows the precise, fine and smooth cutting action, typical in the preparation of Japanese cuisine. Made in Seki, Japan. Miyabi Kaizen knives feature a 65-layer construction made up of a core of VG10 (CMV60) high performance steel that is protected by 64-layers of Damascus steel. The blade ice-hardening, resulting in a 60 Rockwell Hardness ensuring outstanding durability, high corrosion resistance and flexibility. Whether you are making a delicate plate of sushi or chopping meats and vegetables, you will enjoy the outstanding performance this collection delivers. Miyabi carries a lifetime warranty and made in Japan.

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