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La Cuisine

La Cuisine cast iron cookware uses the latest technology in cast iron and have moved production away from traditional floor-casted processes in favour of the ultra-reliable Disa production technique. This method, which originated in Denmark, involves the use of sand moulds and results in exceptionally smooth castings. The moulds are used only once, meaning that every single item is quite unique. La Cuisine allows four fingers to pass through, guaranteeing a stable grip. The inner wedge provides a platform on which to rest the fingers, for both comfort and stability (vital when using gloves/mitts to remove hot pans from the oven). Why Cast Iron? It's simply because cooking with the premium Cast Iron cookware such as La Cuisine really is the most wonderful material to cook with. Whatever your skill level, a few basic ingredients added to stock and left to infuse in the oven for an hour or so will virtually guarantee a delicious meal. Why not bring the La Cuisine casserole straight to the table and serve. Apart from adding a bit of theatre to proceedings, your La Cuisine casserole will ensure that the contents remain hot and delicious.

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