Lacor Stainless Steel Mandoline Slicer with Case

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Champagne Sabers

Champagne Sabers or Sabre a Champagne are great for getting a clean slice on the necks of champagne bottles with one swing. Really, the only way to open a bottle of champagne at weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, inaugurations and private events. Our champagne sabers are made from highest quality stainless steel, with handles crafted from a variety of woods. Each saber comes with a Lifetime warranty. Back to the days of Napoleon, many victories were celebrated by decapitating bottles of bubbly with their swords. Napoleon's officers didn't bother to remove the wire around the cork, but simply took their swords which they slid against the bottle. The saber was the weapon of choice back then and the whole ritual of celebration has evolved today and is still used by some to open bottles of champagne. A distinguishing feature, unlike a regular saber, is that the blade is not sharp.

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