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Kasumi Knives

KASUMI knives are hand crafted in Seki Japan. Kasumi knives specializes in producing knives from the most advanced materials with the most advanced manufacturing techniques. Producing the Kasumi knives requires tremendous experience and knowledge in order to be able to achieve the full benefit of the different stainless steels that are used. Hand made in Seki Japan with a lifetime warranty. KASUMI features a full tang.The handle is made from multiple layers of wood impregnated with a plastic resin. The handle is riveted to the tang. KASUMI knives feature a VG10 high carbon stainless steel cutting core hardened to Rockwell C59-60° sandwiched between SUS410 stainless steel. The blades are hammered and polished to a mirror finish. The beautiful ergonomic handles are POM (polyacetal resin) double riveted to the full tang which provides a lifetime of lasting comfort. The edge on a Kasumi knife is beveled like a western style knife. However, the bevel is much larger than the bevel on a European or American brand. This larger bevel creates a sharper edge. Kasumi knives do not have a bolster. They do have a stainless steel ferrule that is forge welded to the blade to ensure that food particles do not become trapped between the blade and the handle.

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