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illy FrancisFrancis IperEspresso Y5 DUO Satin Machine
illy FrancisFrancis IperEspresso Y5 DUO Satin Machine
illy FrancisFrancis IperEspresso Y5 DUO Satin Machine

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illy FrancisFrancis IperEspresso Y5 DUO Satin Machine

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illy Francis Francis IperEspresso Y5 Duo Espresso Machine  - Enjoy the rich, smooth taste of illy espresso at home with the all new Francis Francis Y5 Duo espresso machine. This machines are only compatible with the IperEspresso Coffee Capsule which come in different blends and sold seperately.


Now you can have it all in one machine - Whether you’re in the mood to savor a full bodied espresso or a rich aromatic cup of coffee, the NEW Y5 Duo does both at the touch of a button.

This simply designed machine utilizes the highest quality standards including a proprietary brewing technology that never allows the coffee to come in contact with the machine, thus insuring the purist espresso and coffee, cup after cup.

The compact Y5 features a sleek and sturdy aluminum and tempered glass body. Convenient front panel controls and water tank make this machine extremely versatile. With two touch-sensitive icons you can choose to make espresso or coffee in seconds.

For exclusive use with illy iperEspresso capsules and our NEW iper Coffee Capsule.


illy stands alone in understanding coffee in all its complexity, yet knows that espresso is a simple pleasure to be enjoyed by many, not just at the talented hand of an experienced barista. The best expression of this long-held belief is Iperespresso, illy’s exclusive and innovative capsule system that brought authentic espresso preparation to the home.


One touch of a button sets in motion a 30-second process that yields pure pleasure in the cup, a velvety, aromatic, rich and balanced espresso, topped by a silky and remarkably long-lasting crema, the creamy, lighter-brown top layer that floats on top, unbroken and tiger-striped. A result expected of the most experienced baristas at the finest cafes, now accessible to all.


Iperespresso handles every detail, precisely calibrating temperature, pressure and extraction time. The magic resides in a revolutionary two-phase extraction process, protected by five global patents, that literally “hyperinfuses” capsules containing the optimal dose of illy’s legendary nine-bean Arabica blend, and then creates an almost magical crema. New technology that produces genuine, authentic espresso, sumptuous cup after cup; power to Be Your Own Barista, right in the comfort of your own kitchen.

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