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Handpresso Auto Hybrid for Ground Coffee & Pods
Handpresso Auto Hybrid for Ground Coffee & Pods
Handpresso Auto Hybrid for Ground Coffee & Pods

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Handpresso Auto Hybrid for Ground Coffee & Pods

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A revolutionary machine preparing a premium quality espressoin the car! Handpresso Auto hybrid helps you optimize your coffee break wherever you are. Simple and easy to use, Handpresso Auto can be placed in the cup holder. Just plug the espresso machine into the 12V cigarette lighter, add water, coffee ground or an E.S.E. coffee pod of your choice. Then press the button, wait for the 3 beeps and the espresso is ready! Thanks to the 16 bar pressure, the espressos are delicious, creamy and tasty!


The new Handpresso Auto Hybrid Machine has been revamped inside as well as outside. This ultimate, even higher end version uses both ESE pods and ground espresso co­ffee. Good news for all the espresso aficionados among you! According to your availability or travel mates, you either use E.S.E pods because they are so convenient or your favorite ground co­ffee thanks to the Ground Coffee Adapter (already used in the products of the Handpresso Pump range) and its ground coffee case. SEE DEMO VIDEO

  • Weight: 880 g (1.94 lbs)
  • Size : 22 x 10 x 10cm
  • Pressure: 16 bar
  • Cycle: 2 minutes
  • Water reservoir capacity: 1.79 fl.oz (53 ml)
  • Voltage: 12 V DC
  • Power: 140 Watt
  • Certification: CE, e24
  • Under guarantee: 1 year




1 – Plug the machine into the (12v) cigarette-lighter.
2 – Add (cold) water and the espresso coffee of your choice (pod or ground coffee)
3 – Press the ON button
4 – After the 3 bleeps, flip the machine around and press the Cup button
5 – Press the stop button

Enjoy your espresso!

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