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Nogent Classic YELLOW Wood 3.5" - 9cm Paring Knife Set of 2
Nogent Classic YELLOW Wood 3.5
Nogent Classic YELLOW Wood 3.5

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3.5" - 9cm

Nogent Classic YELLOW Wood 3.5" - 9cm Paring Knife Set of 2

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Nogent Classic Wood 3.5" - 9cm Paring Knife Set of 2 - This Nogent Paring Knife is a kitchen workhorse for preparing food with hard skins such as lemons or cucumbers or to slice through crusty food. Versatile, light and effortless to use, you will reach for this knife for slicing without crushing bread, meat and vegetables.

First, the blade is made of hardened stainless steel, bevel ground along its entire length. In addition, the blade is manually sharpened for excellent cutting quality. It is toothed with a tooth every 3 millimeters. This paring knife cuts and cuts with dexterity meats and vegetables, and it peels fruits and vegetables.

The handle is charming wood, naturally dried for one year, tinted and varnished. Its shape ensures a perfect hold in hand. Whether you have large or small hand, this cutting tool will give you great satisfaction.

It is essential for minute culinary preparations, finely chopping herbs, vegetables, fruits, meat … It is the perfect all-rounder. Its blade allows optimal penetration in soft-flesh foods such as tomatoes. It is also practical for finely chopping the herbs

  • Sold in set of 2 paring knives
  • Stainless steel blade, satin-finished, riveted
  • Authentic wood of charm, hardwood, natural, warm. 
  • Manufacture 100% NOGENT ***.
  • Made in France

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