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La Cuisine 12" - 30cm Flat Cast Iron Black Round Pan
La Cuisine 12
La Cuisine 12

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12" (30cm)

La Cuisine 12" - 30cm Flat Cast Iron Black Round Pan

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La Cusine 12 inch (30cm) cast Iron flat Round pan with 2 handles- These gill pans yield impeccable results time after time. The inner cooking surface is satin black enamel which seals in juices creating a succulent and tender meal. The uniform heating of cast iron ensures completely even cooking across the pan surface. Comes with 2 pouring groves as to better remove the grease. The handles allows for easy lifting and all pans and skillets are dishwasher safe so clean up is a breeze. These pans are ideal for searing, tenderizing and frying. Made with a lifetime warranty.


- Dimensions: 12" (30cm )

- Deluxe enameled cast iron coated inside and outside
- Elegant & heavy-Duty design
- Distributes heat evenly around the pot eliminating hot spots
- Compatible with all cooking surfaces including induction
- oven safe
- Should be cleaned with warm soapy water

- Lifetime warranty

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