Global 8" - 20cm Chef's Knife G2

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6.5" - 16cm Flexible Fillet Knife with Wood Handle

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6.5" - 16cm

6.5" - 16cm Flexible Fillet Knife with Wood Handle

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6.5" (16cm) Wood Handle Flexible Fillet Knife. Classic-style wood handle Fillet Knife featuring an ultra sharp 6.5" (16cm) stainless steel flexible blade. Made in Italy with a lifetime warranty.


A fillet knife is typically a kitchen knife that helps with filleting. With its very thin and flexible blade, it is much easier to fillet a fish or a piece of meat than with a traditional chef’s or boning knife. Therefore, if you love delicious dishes made of fish, you should think of adding a filleting to your knife selection. It will make your life easier.


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