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Gobel 1.6 Qrt - 1.8 Lts Charlotte Non-Stick Mold
Gobel 1.6 Qrt - 1.8 Lts Charlotte Non-Stick Mold
Gobel 1.6 Qrt - 1.8 Lts Charlotte Non-Stick Mold

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7.5" - 19 cm

Gobel 1.6 Qrt - 1.8 Lts Charlotte Non-Stick Mold

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Gobel Non stick Charlotte Mold - This 7.5" (19) cm) mold is made of heavy gauge alloy steel with 2 coats of non-stick. The two-coat system offers an improved mold release compared to the single coat non-stick. The top coat of this two-coat system is filled with mica resulting in a much tougher coating. The two-coat system also means a thicker non-stick layer, increased abrasion resistance, a longer life and easier cleaning. Made in France by GOBEL and guaranteed BPA-free.


  • Dimensions: 7.5" (9cm ) Dia x  4" (10cm) High
  • Capacity: 1.6 Qrt - 1.8 Lts - 8 cups
  • Slightly flared sides for easy removal
  • Material: Commercial alloy steel tin with 2 coats of non stick.
  • Oven safe up to 450 degrees
  • Cleaning and care: handwash with warm water only. Do not soak
  • Made in France with a 10 year warranty.

Legend has it that the luscious dessert known as a charlotte originated in 18th-century Britain and took its name from Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III and a patron of the country’s apple growers. Recipes called for spiced apples baked in a mold lined with thin slices of buttered bread. In the early 19th century, chef Antonin Carême created the charlotte Russe, a chilled version of the dessert made with Bavarian cream nestled in a ladyfinger shell.


Today, you can prepare both hot and cold charlottes in this traditional mold. Its tinned-steel construction encourages uniform baking or chilling, while flared sides simplify unmolding the finished desserts. The traditional heart-shaped handles simplify maneuvering the filled mold, while adding a touch of romance to this historic dessert. 

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