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Combekk cookware will revolutionize your kitchen. Combekk Dutch Ovens and cookwre are mae from 100% recycled cast iron materials, including iron leftover from railroad tracks and with an integrated thermometer to monitor and maintain the perfect temperature while you cook. Valid for all stovetypes: ceramic, electric, gas, halogen, induction, oven. Combekk cookware is breathing new life into old railroad tracks by transforming them into eco-friendly cast-iron cookware. Locally produced in the Netherlands, these recycled and sustainable cookware are made with a special forge for a high-quality finish that retains heat and offers uniform heat distribution. Combekk%u2019s cookware offer more than just a story and quality materials, however; the eco-conscious cookware is also the first to come with an integrated thermometer to give you greater temperature controls when cooking. Made in Holland (Netherlands) with a liftetime warranty.

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