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Deluxe 220 Qt Double Ratchet Press
Deluxe 220 Qt Double Ratchet Press
Deluxe 220 Qt Double Ratchet Press

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220 Qt - 208 Lts   

Deluxe 220 Qt Double Ratchet Press

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Deluxe Double Ratchet Style Press - These grape and fruit presses uses a stationary threaded shaft with a double ratcheting head to achieve a greater amount of pressure, torque & capacity. 2 cases of grapes will yield 6 gallons of wine. Made of hardwood basket slats with a powder coated base, head and cage. This grape press has an enamel steel base with threaded shaft and drain pan. It also features a wood pressing plate and wood block with a cast iron ratcheting head and metal locking keys. The basket is made of clear oak wood with metal bands, hinges & pins. It splits into two for easy removal. Made in Italy with a 25 year warranty.


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