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Wine Glasses

The RIEDEL wine glasses dates from the Art Nouveau period at the end of the nineteenth century, and was used for RIEDEL glassware made in Bohemia from 1890 to 1925. In 1996, to commemorate RIEDEL 240th anniversary, RIEDEL reintroduced this trademark for all our mouth-blown, hand-made products. The distinctive Riedel signature is featured on the base of all hand made products. This RIEDEL signature trademark helps our customers to distinguish immediately between hand-made products and those made by machine . RIEDEL%u2019s machine-made products carry this trademark. The RIEDEL glass dynasty is built on the creative energies of a long line of glassmakers. The story begins in 1756 in Bohemia and continues today, taking in on the way some of the most dramatic events in European history and around the world. Made in Germany.

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