Vitantonio TIC TAC Spremipomodoro Large Stainless Tomato Strainer

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OMRA 2700 - 0.75 HP Electric Tomato Machine
OMRA 2700 - 0.75 HP Electric Tomato Machine
OMRA 2700 - 0.75 HP Electric Tomato Machine

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0.75 HP - 1000 Lbs Per Hour   

OMRA 2700 - 0.75 HP Electric Tomato Machine

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OMRA #2700 (#5) - 0.75 Horse Power Combi Electric Tomato Machine - Tomato machine will separates seeds, peel and all stringy parts from most fruit and vegetables. Ideal for preparing sweet tomato sauces, ketchup, vegetable purees, pie fillings, apple sauce, fruit and berry jams, marmalades and other preserves. It is suitable for home or light commercial applications.


The body is made of die cast aluminum and epoxy acrylic resin including a nylon brush. The worm is made of welded cast iron. Main gears made of steel with a powerful 0.75 HP motor capable of milling from 1000 lbs per hour. The unit has self lubricating bushings requiring no maintenance. Feed hopper and bottom tray are made of 18/10 stainless steel. Made in Italy by OMRA with a 1 year warranty.


- Single-phase, asynchronous motor

- 0.75 horse power, 110V, 60Hz

- 18/10 stainless steel hopper and tray
- #5 - 9" strainer tube
- 11" x 6" hopper
- Hopper capacity: 7 quarts
- Production: 1000 pounds per hour or 15 bushels 
- Weight: 45 pounds

- Anto Spay strainer cover included.

- Made in Italy with a 1 Year warranty


We are an Authorized O.M.R.A Dealer

Machine Care & Maintenance:


Never run your machine dry. Always be sure to have tomatoes in the hopper before turning the unit on to insure the auger and screen have adequate lubrication. After each use you want to disassemble the machine parts and wash them thoroughly with water and a mild non corrosive detergent. Once all parts are clean dry any remaining moisture from all parts. Refer to the instruction manual for further cleaning and maintenance information.


Please note not to pass the tomatoes more than once through the machine (wanting to get more juice from the tomatoes ). If you try to pass more than once, it will make the tomatoes very dry and this is not good for any machine.

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