Strauss Le Cuivre 11"- 28cm 3-Ply Copper Fry Pan

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Swiss Army

The world of Victorinox / Swiss Army dates right back to the year 1884. Victorinox / Swiss Army revolutionary idea of manufacturing a compact knife with an array of practical functions was a success. As customer needs and technologies have changed over the years, the legendary Swiss Army Knife has also evolved and is now available in a range of variants worldwide. Quality, functionality, innovation and iconic design have the highest priority at Victorinox / Swiss Army, and this also applies to our other product categories. Victorinox / Swiss Army Knife has many fascinating to tell: stories of how our products have provided solutions and even saved lives on land, water and in the air, and more recently even in space. Everyone values their Victorinox / Swiss Army pocket knife, from tradespeople to statesmen. Made by Victorinox in Switzerland.

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