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Remoska Original 5 Qt - 4 Lts Electric Remoska
Remoska Original 5 Qt - 4 Lts Electric Remoska
Remoska Original 5 Qt - 4 Lts Electric Remoska

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5 Qt - 4 Lts   

Remoska Original 5 Qt - 4 Lts Electric Remoska

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Remoska is an electric baking pan heated from top by a heating spiral in the lid. It fits into the smallest kitchen or kitchenette and can do the work of the latest cookers and ovens. It is a big helper in small kitchens! Remoska has been used in Czech households for ages. It provides an efficient, energy-saving way of cooking. And now it is available in modern design. So why not give it a try!


It consists of three parts: Lid where the heating spiral is placed (voltage 110 V). This part is made of stainless steel sheet with a mirror layer. Steam is coming out through the valves in the lid. The lower part of the lid is finished with non-stick material Teflon®Classic. Heat from the lid is transferred by the pan walls to the bottom. The lid is designed so that it could be laid onto the working surface with the heating part upwards. The supply cable is fixed to the handle. The handle is equipped with the main switch.


Pan is made of aluminium and finished with non-stick Teflon®Classic (2-layer). It is provided with two handles. 

Stand (tray) as well as the handle with the switch are made of plastic material resistant to high temperature. 


- Comes with a booklet with recipes.

- Made in Czech Republic.




Its volume is 4 litres, weight 4.5 kg and input 580 W.