OMAC Gulliver Stainless Tomato Strainer

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9 Qt - 8 Lts Lacor Pressure Cooker
9 Qt - 8 Lts Lacor Pressure Cooker
9 Qt - 8 Lts Lacor Pressure Cooker

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9 Qt - 8 Lts    

9 Qt - 8 Lts Lacor Pressure Cooker

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LACOR Stainless Steel Clamp Style Pressure Cookers - Made of 18/10 stainless steel with a thick bottom and an ABS plastic handles. Clamps on sides of the pressure cooker ensure safety. Benefits of pressure cooking include cooking speed and energy savings in order to get the best from everyday gourmet cooking. Pressure cooking reduces cooking times and energy costs by two thirds. It makes tough foods tender, and enhances flavor blending for tastier dishes. It also preserves the vivid colors of your vegetables, as well as more of their nutrients.


LACOR pressure cookers have a 3 mm thick tri-ply capsule bottom. This tri-ply capsule (sandwich bottom) consists of 2 stamps of 18/10 stainless with an aluminum plate between them for even distribution of heat. 2 year warranty.

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