Red Plastic Tomato Strainer HOT DEAL

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Olive / Pickle Wood Spoon HOT DEAL
Olive / Pickle Wood Spoon HOT DEAL
Olive / Pickle Wood Spoon HOT DEAL

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Olive / Pickle Wood Spoon HOT DEAL

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13" - 34cm Olive Wood Spoon. This spoon will ensure that scooping your favorite olives and pickles is mess free. When you scoop olives or pickles with this spoon, the juices drain through the holes that are in the bottom of the spoon and back into the jar, allowing you to scoop more of you favorite olives or pickles, instead of the juice. This spoon is carved from Wood, made in France.


- Handcrafted out of single piece of wood.
- Beautiful and intriguing grain that makes each piece unique.
- Wood is very dense, it resists odors and stains better than other types of wood.

- Made in France.


PLEAE NOTE: current stock is a darker wood color than the clear wood color in the actaul picture

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