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Ascaso i-Mini (i-2) Conical Burr Grinder POLISHED ALLUMINIUM
Ascaso i-Mini (i-2) Conical Burr Grinder POLISHED ALLUMINIUM
Ascaso i-Mini (i-2) Conical Burr Grinder POLISHED ALLUMINIUM

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Ascaso i-Mini (i-2) Conical Burr Grinder POLISHED ALLUMINIUM

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The i-Mini is a conical burr coffee grinder from Ascaso. Its smaller size makes it ideal for the person with smaller kitchen or for someone who doesn't want to compromise their precious counter space with more kitchen appliances. 

This grinder allows for very fine grind adjustments. Ground coffee is dispensed directly into your portafilter or coffee container by holding your portafilter or container against the button on the front of the grinder, which activates the grinding mechanism.


This is the smallest in the Ascaso range, designed and created to be the perfect match for the Ascaso home machines. Its size does not compromise its professional features, being a good option not only for home but for professional establishments. This model, in its polished aluminium finish was selected by the Ambiente Trend Forum in Frankfurt as a trendy representative of coffee grinders in its section “Clean & Pure”.

Fresas Professional blades

Unbreakble Coffee Bean Hopper (250 gr)
It is made of clear shatter resistant plastic and topped with a plastic lid. 


Micrometric regulation, also known as stepless adjustment to control the quality and consistency of the grinds. This system allows for unmatched, precise adjustments to the grind setting, which is critical for espresso grinding.


The Ascaso grinder features a coffee chute which funnels the freshly ground coffee from the grinding chamber directly into a coffee holder for your espresso machine or into a coffee filter.

The I-mini coffee grinder is made in aluminium.

Polished aluminum : this finish is achieved by polishing the pieces by hand, one by one. This is a  handcrafted and laborious process that is undertaken to provide each piece with a its own unique characteristics.

Easy to Clean

One important and often overlooked task required when owning a good coffee grinder is routine cleaning. To clean, just unplug the power cord and remove the coffee bean hopper to expose the grinding chamber. All components are designed for durability and low maintenance.

Ascaso equipped the I-Mini grinder with the same serious heavy-duty conical burrs found on its big brother, the i-2. The I-Mini's burrs are harder and more defined, with a tooth pattern that is incredibly precise and intricate. The resulting grind quality from Ascaso I-Mini is absolutely amazing and consistent. In addition, the Ascaso's burr set is simple to clean, making this often overlooked yet important task a breeze rather than a chore. To clean, just remove the coffee bean hopper and cover to expose the grinding chamber, which takes about 30 seconds. You can perform a thorough cleaning to remove built up coffee grounds around the lower burr and then reassemble the grinder - total time is about 2 minutes.


We really cannot stress enough how much you will love the Ascaso i-Mini's precise Micrometric Regulation System (MRS). It takes a little extra time to dial in to the sweet spot for your espresso machine and achieve that elusive "God Shot," but it is time well spent. Stepless grind adjustment works by turning the knob on the right of the unit which turns a worm gear. If you were to picture this in your mind, try to imagine a screw placed right next to large gear. Even a full turn of the knob rotates that larger gear only by a fraction of a fraction of a turn, and it still gives you every conceivable setting in between coarse to fine. In contrast, many other grinders have between 40 or 50 "clicks" from coarse to fine resulting in frustration as many are forced to choose between a little too fine or a little too coarse.


So say goodbye to overcompensating for your old grinder's deficiency by fussing with your dosing amounts or tamper pressure. The Ascaso i-Mini is a doserless grinder, which means that the grinds are discharged out a chute directly into an espresso portafilter. This is a great feature for less frequent espresso drinker or even for those who just want to have the freshest possible ground espresso every single time. The I-Mini's operation couldn't be easier: Simply place your espresso portafilter beneath the chute so that it depresses the metal switch on the face of the grinder. This activates the Ascaso's motor. When you have filled the filter holder to the desired amount, remove it and the Ascaso I-Mini will immediately shut off.


For model I-1 : brass grinding group with a flat grinding wheel system (plane steel blades) .
For model I-2 : plastic grinding group and a conical (cone shaped) grinding wheel (conical steel blades).

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