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Ibili 4 Cups - 21 oz Cold Brew Jug
Ibili 4 Cups - 21 oz Cold Brew Jug
Ibili 4 Cups - 21 oz Cold Brew Jug

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Ibili 4 Cups - 21 oz Cold Brew Jug

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0.6 lt - 21 oz Cold Brew Jug is perfect for making great tasting cold brew coffee concentrate that can be mixed with hot or cold water or milk to create different coffee beverages.

The cold brewing process produces a concentrated coffee brew which can be stored in the pitcher for up to 2 weeks when refrigerated. The cold brew method uses time rather than heat to absorb the coffee´s sugars, oils, and caffeine. Thus, allowing the coffee to be smooth, low in acidity, and more importantly the ability to enjoy every single cup without disrupting your digestive system. This concentrate can be mixed to make a variety of hot or cold beverages. 

Add 14-16 tablespoons of ground coffee with 1/3rd level of water and attach to the lid. Store in refrigerator 12 - 24 hours to brew. Remove infuser when brewing is complete. The coffee in the pitcher will be a concentrate. You can serve it hot or iced coffee. For Hot Coffee mix 1 part coffee with 2 parts boiling water. Add sweetener and creamer of your choice.


For Iced Coffee simply pour coffee concentrated over ice and water, or your favorite creamer. Dishwasher Safe: No scrubbing required! Simply place the bottle, cap, base and filter in the dishwasher for an easy clean-up. Borosilicate and s/steel. BPA free. 

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