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Creme Brulee Iron Salamander
Creme Brulee Iron Salamander
Creme Brulee Iron Salamander

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Creme Brulee Iron Salamander

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Creme Brulee Iron Salamander -  Easier for some to use than a torch, this 4" round base manual salamander is used to caramelize creme brulee and other culinary items. Heat the thick cast iron bottom plate over a stovetop, then apply the heated salamander over desired items. 4 inch iron base with a  long metal shaft has a stay cool wooden handle.


A salamander broiler is positioned above the oven in a professional kitchen, and is used for quick heating, broiling and browning.In cooking circles, the salamander broiler is considered overfired. This means the heat source, which may be gas Burners or infrared electric elements, comes from above.


A kitchen grill, on the other hand, is considered underfired, because it receives heat from below. Professional chefs use a salamander broiler for broiling fish to melting cheese to caramelizing sugar. A home broiler does not get as hot, as fast, as a salamander which means that by the time a home broiler caramelizes sugar, it has heated the entire creme brulee as well, which is why chefs use a torch when a salamander is not available. 

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