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Induction 9.5" - 24cm Heat Distributing Plate
Induction 9.5
Induction 9.5

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09.5" - 24cm

Induction 9.5" - 24cm Heat Distributing Plate

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Heat Distributing (induction) Stainless Steel Plates – These Induction plates are ideal for using underneath your non-induction cookware on an induction stovetop.


These heat distributing plates are also ideal for placing underneath tagines when used on the stovetop or if you need to use a cookware on a Induction stove top. They prevent your tagines from cracking and offer an even distribution of heat on the tagine's base. This Induction 3-ply capsule stainless steel plate acts as the heat distributing base. They also help avoid scratches on flat Vitro ceramic stove tops.

  • The thickness of the plate is 0.25" - 0.5 cms.
  • Work on all kinds of stove tops including induction stoves.

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