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Urnex 14 oz (414ml) Descaling Liguid
Urnex 14 oz (414ml) Descaling Liguid
Urnex 14 oz (414ml) Descaling Liguid

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Urnex 14 oz (414ml) Descaling Liguid

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Urnex 14 oz ( 414 ml) Descaling Scale liquid Remover has been formulated to quickly and thoroughly remove scale and mineral buildup, it is compatible with coffee makers, super-automatic as well as semi-automatic espresso machines. This product eliminates clogs in your machine by gently removing scale deposits that accumulate through prolonged use. Dezcal is non-toxic and biodegradable; this product is suitable for commercial as well as home use.

  • Maintenance of coffee makers
  • Descaling Liquid: Effectively breaks down limescale without the vinegar smell to extend the life of your machine.
  •  bottle of descaler (1x use)
  • Ingredients are biodegradable, odorless, and phosphate free

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