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Authentic Italian Chitarra Pasta Maker
Authentic Italian Chitarra Pasta Maker
Authentic Italian Chitarra Pasta Maker

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Authentic Italian Chitarra Pasta Maker

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Authentic Chitarra Pasta Maker - This Authentic Deluxe Pasta Chitarra or La Ghitarra is used to cut fresh spaghetti or pasta into paper thin strands. One side yields evenly cut fettuccine, and the opposite side, delicate angel hair. Heavy duty frame is made of varnished hardwood and strung with zinc coated steel wire. Do not be fooled by other imitation models, this is the real thing, made in Italy with a 2 year warranty. 


The chitarra (guitar in Italian) has strings set 3mm apart on one side for angel hair, 5mm apart on the other side for fettuccine. In the center of the device is a slanted board designed to allow the cut pasta to slide off easily once it's been cut by the strings. Simply use a rolling pin, flattening and pressing the dough through the wires.


  • The wires on one side cut 3/16" strands, and the other 1/8" strands.
  • Rolls out pieces of pasta dough by hand.
  • Place each sheet of fresh pasta on the wires.
  • Press the sheet through the wires with rolling pin.
  • Pasta Noodles are tossed to separate.
  • Let settle before cooking.
  • Made in Italy

The Chitarra (pronounced key-tahr-rah) is a pasta maker believed to have been invented in the Chieti, Abruzzo region in central Italy around the 1800s. The Eppicotispai chitarra (guitar in Italian)

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