OMAC Super Gulliver Stainless Tomato Strainer with Sunction Base HOT DEAL

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6.5" - 16cm Perforated Chinois Strainer

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6.5" - 16cm

6.5" - 16cm Perforated Chinois Strainer

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Perforated Stainless Chinois Strainers - Stainless steel strainer with 1 mm fine perforated holes that helps keep seeds, pulp and skins out of your mix. These professional and commercial conical Chinois strainers are perfect for straining fruit, vegetables, tomatoes, soups and sauces directly into a your stock pot or small bowl without splashing over. A hook on one side holds to the side of your pan or bowl. Chinois - sieve conical strainers are available in different sizes. Made in Spain with a lifetime warranty. Wooden Pestle sold separetly.

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