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Giesser PremiumCut Wave Bread 9.75" - 25cm Red Diamond Knife
Giesser PremiumCut Wave Bread 9.75
Giesser PremiumCut Wave Bread 9.75

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Giesser PremiumCut Wave Bread 9.75" - 25cm Red Diamond Knife

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Giesser PremiumCut Wave Bread 12" - 30cm Red Diamond Knife. Strong and powerful. The tool that also creates hard bread crusts with ease. The bread and utility knife Wave No. 1 is unique with its 25 cm long blade. It does not matter if you have the hardest crust of bread - the knife blade should be at least as long as the bread to be cut, but better is a longer cutting edge - or large and firm fruit and vegetables, this knife glides gently, precisely and effortlessly through the toughest material. The Wave No. 1 is also characterized by the design of the handles.


Each cut becomes an experience. However, it is not only the manual work that is important in the production of this masterpiece. High-tech machines and plants are also of paramount importance at GIESSER. The blades are cured in the latest vacuum technology, heated to 1050 ° C and cooled down with nitrogen. 56-57 degrees of hardness are the result, thus, providing the guarantee for best cutting performance. GIESSER's knives specialists also attach great importance to the selection of the knife handles and their processing.


• Blade made of high quality chrome molybdenum steel
• Handle made of exquisite Thuja rootwood
• For all professionals, hobby cooks and barbecue enthusiasts who value something specials
• The tool that also creates hard bread crusts with ease. 

• Ergonomic plastic handle
• Blade length: 9.75" - 25cm
• Total length: 14.5" - 37cm
• Wooden Gift Box

  • The chrome molybdenum special steel is sourced only from the best steel suppliers. The 25 cm blade stands out thanks to its unique design, extreme sharpness and high rust resistance - fascination of unique sharpness and aesthetics
  • The Red Diamond handle is one of the best knife handles due to a special manufacturing process on uniqueness, robustness and perfect ergonomics. Each knife is unique, the different fibre gradients ensure
  • Strong and powerful. The tool that also creates hard bread crusts with ease. The sharp blade with serrated edge glides through the cutting material as if by itself and provides even slices - the perfect serrated knife
  • The PremiumCut knives are hardened to 57 (+-1) HRC using one of the world's most modern vacuum technologies. 8 grinding processes and a final master trigger, ensure extreme sharpness of the blade - probably the most extraordinary knives
  • The Giesser, which has been established since 1776, ensures that tradition meets the future. The unique blade shape and the perfect handle ensure an innovation in the knife industry - knives for professionals

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