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Arancinotto CONE Arancini Rice Maker 80 grams
Arancinotto CONE Arancini Rice Maker 80 grams
Arancinotto CONE Arancini Rice Maker 80 grams

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80 grams   

Arancinotto CONE Arancini Rice Maker 80 grams

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The authentiic and Original Arancinotto helps you easily create Arancini, a ball or cone of stuffed rice that is a specialty of Eastern Sicily, Italy. The Arancinotto consists of a cone or ball shaped mold for the rice, with a ring cover that is removable for filling, and a pestle that creates the cavity for the stuffing, with a flat side that tamps the arancino closed.

Use the Arancinotto to make your arancini with the traditional recipe, using cheese and meat for the stuffing and breadcrumbs for the coating, or adapt by adding condiments to the rice, and your favorite stuffing such as veggies, fish, and sweets, and seeds or granulated nuts for the coating. Alos used for meatballs, potato croquettes, and much more.



  • Arancini Maker "arancinotto"
  • Slim Cone Classic Arancinotto 80 g. / 2.8 oz.
  • Makes a 2.8" x 1.9" (6.7 x 4.8 cm) arancino
  • Great for  meatballs and potato croquettes
  • Recipe included in the package
  • BPA-free HDPE plastic
  • Made in Italy.

Arancini, named after the little oranges that these fried rice balls are said to resemble, are best known in this country as a handy way to use up leftover risotto. In fact, they hail from a land far too sun-baked to have developed much of a taste for rich, starchy rice dishes. Indeed, they are said to have been introduced to Sicily by the Arab invaders who also brought rice to the island in the 10th century and have only latterly been adopted by the traditional risotto belt far to the north


• Fill the container with the cooked rice.
• Place the ring cover on the mold and insert the shaped long end of the pestle into the filled mold to spread and compact the rice, and to create the cavity.
• Insert your stuffing or filling into the cavity and top off with rice.
• Use the flat side of the pestle to tamp, add more rice if needed and tamp firm to close the cavity.
• Remove the ring cover and slide out your newly formed arancino, ready for coating and deep frying.


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