Le Creuset 11" Glass Lid
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Le Creuset 11" Glass Lid
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Glass Lid for Forged Hard Anodized Cookware Keeping foods hot and stovetops clean, the versatile tempered Glass Lid fits both Shallow and Deep Fry Pans. Dimensions: 11" (28cm ) Wide 

Can be used on any stove types and dishwasher safe
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Each pan is made from heavy gauge, forged aluminum that has been specially treated to provide a strong, toughened finish that will withstand the demands of everyday use. Each pan spreads heat evenly and efficiently, so there are no hot-spots in your cooking. The specially constructed base incorporates a magnetic, stainless steel disk that provides extra strength and stability to the pan and makes it suitable for use on ALL HEAT SOURCES including the latest induction stovetops.


Both the interior and exterior of each pan are finished with one of the most modern, durable nonstick finishes available providing superb release of food and easy cleaning - every day. Optional heat-resistant glass lids are available to buy separately.


Le Creuset Forged Hard-Anodized are:

  • Completely multi-functional for use on any stovetop, under any broiler, or in any domestic conventional or fan assisted oven (not suitable for use in microwave ovens). See guidelines below.
  • Dishwasher safe. See guidelines below.
  • Covered by a 10-year warranty. See later section for details.
  • Forged Hard-Anodized Finish
  • Le Creuset’s special strengthening process and internally reinforced nonstick surface combine to create a new, unique, durable finish for extra strength and superb cooking results.


Before First Use

  • Remove all packaging and labels. Wash the pan in hot soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly.
  • Condition the interior nonstick cooking surface. DO NOT condition the black exterior sidewall.
  • Rub a film of vegetable or corn oil over the entire cooking surface using a pad of kitchen paper towels. Rinse the pan with hot water, dry thoroughly. The pan is now ready for use.


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